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Failure Analysis, Corrosion Investigation, Metallurgical Testing and Engineering • Located in Mooresville, NC

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Failure Analysis>


Metallography/Microstructure Evaluation

Defect Investigation>

Failure due to defects or flaws produced in the manufacturing process.
Help prevent future rejects, down time and profit loss.


Scanning Electron Microscopy/ Micro-Analysis

Mechanical Testing>

Determine the compliance of materials to applicable standards and specifications.

Chemical Analysis>

Determination of the alloying content of iron and steel, aluminum, copper, nickel, zinc, lead and many other metals and alloys.

Corrosion Testing>

Corrosion is a phenomenon leading to exorbitant losses of materials.


NON-Destructive testing.

Weld Engineering>

Welder Qualification, HAZ (Heat Affected Zone), Weld Failure Analysis, Material Weldability

Reverse Engineering>

Process of duplication of an item functionally & durability by analyzing original components physical and material characteristics.