About Metallurgical Technologies, Inc.

What We Do:

Metallurgical Technologies, Inc. (“MTi”) is a metallurgical analysis & testing laboratory that specializes in rapid response forensic materials engineering. Results are interpreted and recommendations are made by licensed Professional Metallurgical or Material Engineers who are recognized as experts in their field.

We provide a full spectrum of metallurgical engineering services including: failure analysis, corrosion & defect investigations, reverse engineering, SEM/EDS micro-analysis, mechanical & weldment testing, chemical analysis, metallography, consulting, non-destructive testing, and litigation support to a wide range of clients in various industries. MTi can provide testing and analysis results within 24 hours, if required.

Who We Are:

Metallurgical Technologies, Inc. is company of registered Professional Engineers who hold degrees in Metallurgy or Materials Science and are experts in forensic metallurgical engineering. All MTi’s engineers are active participants in the most prestigious engineering associations in the world keeping us abreast of the newest technological developments. Our Registered Professional Engineers participate in continuing education programs beyond state licensing requirements. Our engineers and consultants have authored published technical literature and have been active as speakers for various technical groups. MTi’s Metallurgical Technicians are highly specialized in various sample preparation techniques, mechanical testing, photographic documentation, NDT testing, as well as a wide variety of ASTM test methods.

Improve Your Performance:

Increase your productivity and profits with less down time resulting from failure analysis of production line components. MTi provides specific recommendations to prevent recurring failures. Optimize your component performance with lower rejection rates and higher consumer confidence as a result of MTi’s specification and quality control testing. Ensure you are using the best materials and components for each application. MTi’s analysis helps determine the best supplier and material by comparison testing of different components from vendors or manufacturing processes.

Produce the superior results you and your customers demand using MTi’s performance testing of new fabrication techniques, including:

    • Plating & Protective Coatings
    • Metal Joining & Fastening

Client Relations:

We request feedback from our clients to be sure we are continually meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations. Clients are invited to participate in Client Satisfaction Surveys; and we are responsive to their changing needs. We have purchased additional equipment and expanded our capabilities based on requests from our clients.

Our clients are our best referral source. We strive to exceed their expectations and are often told that we do.


Failure Analysis Services

Determine cause of failure & recommend ways to prevent future recurrence.

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Corrosion Investigation

Determine cause of material degradation that reduces life expectancy.

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Verify fracture mechanism & initiation. Microstructure composition and imaging.

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Metallography Services

Reveals grain structure, thermo mechanical processing & flaw and defect characteristics.

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