Expert Consulting

Expert Consulting with a Metallurgist/Metallurgical Engineer

MTi provides Professional Engineering (PE’s) and Consulting Services in materials engineering, failure analysis, and corrosion investigation. Consulting with our PE’s can include testimony in litigation cases involving forensic investigations. Cause of failures, technical opinions and consulting in various aspects of metallurgy, corrosion and manufacturing are also offered by Metallurgical Technologies, Inc.

Material Selection:

To produce a superior product, a specific component must be engineered for cost efficient manufacturing and must provide a long service life. Material selection and manufacturing process parameters are the keys. MTi’s expert consulting is frequently called upon to recommend materials, heat treatments, surface finishes and any other related metallurgical processes to arrive at the optimum component for its intended purpose.

  • Material alloy selection is based on cost, availability, and desired properties (corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature creep resistance, high strength, fatigue resistance, etc.)
  • Heat treatment recommendations are made to bring out desired properties.
  • Protective Coatings are recommended for special applications (corrosion, wear, high temp, etc.)

Litigation Support:

Metallurgical Technologies, Inc. has the experience and ability to provide technical litigation support and expert consulting on metallurgical engineering, cause of failure, and cause of corrosion for insurance claims and legal cases. Our metallurgical engineers have provided expert witness services in several litigation cases and trials.


Failure Analysis Services

Determine cause of failure & recommend ways to prevent future recurrence.

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Corrosion Investigation

Determine cause of material degradation that reduces life expectancy.

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Verify fracture mechanism & initiation. Microstructure composition and imaging.

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Metallography Services

Reveals grain structure, thermo mechanical processing & flaw and defect characteristics.

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