Weld Testing / Weld Engineering

A significant amount of metallurgical engineering is needed to successfully produce sound weldments in mechanical and structural applications.

MTi’s weld engineering services can include welder and procedure qualification testing to insure compliance to industrial specifications.

We perform weld testing to evaluate the soundness, toughness, brittleness, hardness and other properties of weldments before production begins. Our team also frequently investigates weld failures to determine the root cause of fracture or degradation of the weldment in the field.

Welder & Procedure Qualification:

  • AWS
  • ASME
  • Tensile Strength
  • Bend Testing
  • Macro-Etch

Weld Failure Analysis:
We are a fully equipped metallurgical laboratory providing metallurgical engineering services and specializing in failure analysis. Metallurgical engineers can determine the cause of failure and make recommendations to prevent future reoccurrences.

Weld Testing / Weld Engineering

A low magnification optical image of a fillet weld cross-section.

Weld Testing / Weld Engineering

Low magnification view of fillet weld cross-section. Improper use of fillet material resulted in crater cracks of the weld material as well as a brittle HAZ. Hardness traverse profile is seen below.


Weld, heat affected zone, and base metal hardness profiles across 4140 steel weldment. Microhardness testing indicates a brittle HAZ (above 50 HRC)

Weld Testing & Material Weldability:

  • Evaluation of HAZ (heat affected zone)
    • Microhardness
    • Microstructure
  • Chemical Composition

Low magnification view of a weldment cross-section. Material microhardness testing is performed across the weld through the HAZ and into the base metal. Small black spots are microhardness indentations.

Weld Testing / Weld Engineering

Failure Analysis Services

Determine cause of failure & recommend ways to prevent future recurrence.

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Corrosion Investigation

Determine cause of material degradation that reduces life expectancy.

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Verify fracture mechanism & initiation. Microstructure composition and imaging.

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Metallography Services

Reveals grain structure, thermo mechanical processing & flaw and defect characteristics.

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