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Failure Analysis, Corrosion Investigation, Metallurgical Testing and Engineering • Located in Mooresville, NC
Ruptured Inergen Cylinder
High Magnification SEM image of a Cleavage fracture
Corrosion of Weld Material 15X

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To better serve our customers, MTi is continually adding to our testing capabilities. MTi now offers Salt Fog (spray) Corrosion Testing!


Metallurgical Laboratory - Failure Analysis and Metallurgical Engineering Services

Metallurgical Technologies, Inc. (MTi) is a metallurgical engineering service laboratory specializing in forensic failure analysis of metallurgical components. We also offer testing, analysis, and consulting services. By performing a comprehensive failure analysis; the root causes of failures are identified, metallurgical problems are solved and recommendations are made to prevent future reoccurrences. Using the most advanced analytical equipment and techniques; test results are interpreted and recommendations are made by licensed professional engineers registered in the discipline of metallurgical engineering.

Manufacturers can increase productivity and profits by decreasing down time as a result of performing a root cause failure analysis of production line components. MTi provides specific recommendations to prevent recurring failures. Optimize component performance, lower rejection rates, and create higher consumer confidence by using MTi’s recommendations and quality control testing. Ensure the use of the best materials and components for each application. MTi can assist in determining the best supplier and material by comparison testing of components from different vendors or manufacturing processes. LEARN MORE

Metallurgical Laboratory - Failure Analysis and Metallurgical Engineering Services